In the Nick of Time

One year ago, on March 19th of 2017, the story of DeLorean had a beginning, after many years of research. Using time waves predictions had been made for the first time to forecast the opening of future trading days- for ALL trading days at once- from March 20th until the beginning of May with regard to DAX and SPX.

The trend for a trading day Could be UP, DOWN or neutral (=not available). Obviously to take advantage of this prediction traders had to buy or sell the day before. This has been documented and sent to a selective group of traders.

Beginning of April 2017 we contacted Tradersworld to sent research along with predictions and wrote the first article for Tradersworld.

Beginning of May it seemed that the outcome was very significant with a hit ratio of around 75-80%, healthy profits and no drawdown on a monthly basis. Still, it could have been a only good period. Now, after one year of predictions, it is clear that our time waves and cycles, which are fractal in nature do work quite well. Below the results for DeLorean predicting the opening trend of the next day one month ahead:

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Just in Time Trading

Referring to our last article in TW #66, we will show more of our time cycles systems and focus on the SPX expecially. (All predictions have been sent to Tradersworld in advance and support our results.) Also we will review August 2017 and point out some periods to come in September, which will now a lot of volatility. Please take join the ride and just try it, you will be surprised (see special offer for Tradersworld)

We are of the opinion that TIME is the most important variable in trading, especially if combined with trend forecasts. For this purpose fractal Time cycles have been discovered after years of research.

If a trader has a high percentage chance to forecast when a trend will begin, his hit ratio and win/loss ratio will already rise dramatically.

Should this trader also have a reliable prediction of the trend, therefore knowing when and in what direction it will happen, then the odds are even more in his favor.

That is exactly what DeLorean (time waves and patterns on a small scale) predictions do, forecasting when a trend will start and in what direction. DeLorean does this with on average an uncanny precision, although there are and will be shorter periods that forecasts are less precise.

The only way to be able to profit from DeLorean predictions or any Time cycle is by applying the method consistently and use a fully quantitative approach. This is where our Time Patterns and waves are different from Elliott Wave, because the latter is – although quantified and systematic- in the end an interpretation of teh count. Even worse, if the correct pattern has been found, a trader does not know what the next wave will be or when it will start. Using DeLorean this is much more clear and effective.

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