TIME to reset

Original post at 1st January 2021 https://tradersworld.com/issue79.pdf

Using our DeLorean indicator, we forecasted since beginning 2020 that Trump would win Presidential elections and that a crisis would unfold after November 3rd. Well, it was correct, Trump had a landslide win in the morning of the 4th, but suddenly counting was stopped in 7 states and magically they kept on finding many votes for Biden and few for Trump, which took ages, but in the end Biden was ahead. However, he won only 16% of all counties and 80 million votes, much , much more then Obama. When writing this article there is tons of evidence of massive fraud and still it could well be the case that Biden will win. Because democrat states do not want to investigate the ballots in full and judges as well as supreme court deny mostly the evidence and fraud. Did you not know about the fraud? No surprise since Big media does not cover anything about fraud and evidence whatsoever. Nevertheless Trump can become the next president, since on January 6th our indicator is deep RED, right on time with the day that Congress will convene about choosing the president. Let’s see how this will play out.

How does our model researches the future?
Firstly we calculate the energy of our time patterns at work for history and future. Next we research which time patterns in history had what effect on markets, economy or society. History repeats itself in the future, doesn’t it?
We maintain a pure quantitative approach meaning that we use price data, which is an excellent, undisputed measurement of value (and direction of markets) as well as using a fully quantitative Time database. These two databases combined are used to research history to map the future.

First work was to study and program chart price patterns and fractals in software ELWAVE (I was the expert and original owner)  that still sells worldwide.

Next we devised an undisputed quantitative measurement/model for direction in markets or society using “time energy”. Energy should be thought of as physics formula, Einstein related definitions of energy, which are fractals as well.
Undisputed means it is a pure quantitative approach and its outcome is mathematical and does not change because of any interpretation. Also calculating the time patterns is fully independent from the price database.

Firstly longer term TIME patterns have been defined and researched how they correlated with the price data.

Empirically we determined what effect the  TIME patterns have on the markets.

The large time patterns should be thought of as blue print, the way it looks and travels in time during a period from 2 to 8 years.

For example “3 waves up” in the large time pattern shows bull markets everywhere in history and the future. The Signature of 3 TOPS and 5 time waves (3 up and 2 down), is a relatively simple and very effective pattern.
Therefore they did show up and keep showing up in the future as well, which in the meantime has become history. Obviously during time periods with “3 waves up” society experienced on average prosperity and harmony (our very first baffling discovery).

3 examples of recent 3 waves time patterns in the 1980s and 90s. Imagine knowing in 1982 that these bull market patterns were coming up and would continue after the crash in 1987? Living in 2020, when will these bull time waves come again?

History repeats itself. Every period that has the same comparable Time patterns, witnesses more or less the same parallel events and is a parallel universe translated to modern times. Yes history repeats itself in the future.

NOW you need to know when these bull market patterns will show up again! Bull or Bear in 2021?
Contrarily,   “2 or 3 waves down” shows  a decline or worse in the markets and smaller crisis in society, which on average will be visible in a 2 to 3 year period.  Smaller time patterns in specific sequences do build larger patterns and have a larger range of sometimes 5-8 years instead of 1-2 years for the smaller time patterns.
The time patterns of the past have been extensively researched and correlated with all history available for which our time database, which starts from 1600, provides calculations, which are shown as time pattern indicators in order to see how the Market stock indices performed when bull or bear patterns are at work.

Unfortunately we have no precise charts before 1900, but a yearly/quarterly chart from around 1700 is available. Periods where we found a significant match between time (identical) patterns, should result in a comparable society, economy and market circumstances and events. The same for the TIME we live in now as well as the future. Since we have calculated the time patterns of the future we can see to which period in the past they compare. Thus we forecast what to expect, as we successfully did for the outlook 2020.

Large DeLorean time patterns at work until 2021

For the year 2021 we will discuss what patterns there are, small and large, and what they forecast. In this case from 2018 until beginning 2022 have been researched. Please keep in mind that the pattern could extend beyond 2022 and mostly does so. To really know if Bull or Bear follows a difficult period of 2021 is essential for strategic portfolios and asset allocation.
We have Revolution time patterns with historically big impact or we have minor crises or bull markets. Depending on the outcome of time patterns, you will know how to prepare. Is it a bull market, you cannot imagine this to happen in the middle of a crisis. Now on an all-time high, you cannot imagine a bear market to develop. Our analysis will help you to believe what is coming. Our outlook may be unthinkable and farfetched, but we assure you it is not. However, not necessarily the worst case will happen.
Main topics will be:
– Society
– Economy
– Financial markets, Dow Jones
With regard to society and economy the large time pattern will be most relevant, the shorter trends in markets will be mainly determined by DeLorean indicator. Time patterns as analyzed in DeLorean Indicator are required for timing since they trigger and confirm the larger patterns.
The TIME pattern that is at work NOW is a WAR pattern as we said before. Even a lot more information is available, which you can read in our DeLorean OUTLOOK 2021. Is it worse like a revolutionary pattern or will the constitutional crisis be over real soon? There is a worst outcome, where a coup takes place and/or a new ideology (tries) to take over. If the power shifts, normally a period of freedom stops. If it succeeds it will take many years to turn it back. Alternatively it is a war pattern that highly correlates with civil war or World war II. If you order the DeLorean outlook 2021, we will tell you more.

When war patterns happen to a banana republic like Venezuela, it does not shift the world. But when it happens to the most powerful countries in the world, its impact can be huge. So we have to pay attention to what is happening now.

Should a strong “3 waves” bull market and harmony pattern be coming this year or next, then it would be clear that it will be fine in the end.

Large DeLorean 2021 time patterns that could rule for around 2 to 5 years give you an image of what to expect. For example if you see a forest or a river, you know it’s meaning (health, direction) without the necessity to inspect every tree or turn in the river. The same goes for DeLorean pattern charts, you look at the picture to see how healthy it is, but not every up and down move in the patterns is a high or low in the market. It is a general trend mostly of society and humans.  DeLorean indicator gives detail for more precise market predictions, while Long term time patterns show trends in economy and society. Putting this indicator and Long term patterns together, shows bull and bear market years before they happen.
The larger pattern is more important and consists of multiple smaller patterns in an order which is different for every period. In this case the pattern starts at around mid In Red IN THE CHART we have inserted assassinations of US presidents, which quite often is predicted by a smaller time pattern as a part of the War pattern. The question is to what patterns it relates in the past and if it is a mild war pattern or worse.
2018 and will be shown until 2021, in our outlook 2021. Of course it does not finish there.
The most important thing is that the pattern 2018-2021 is a WAR pattern, see below, as already mentioned this year, starting later in 2020. Because it has and will have a big impact on society, economy and markets we already mentioned its effects in an early stage. This was possible because we already had the analysis prepared for the years to come.
The WAR pattern continues in the beginning of 2021 and coincided with the constitutional crisis and violence that we expected for 2020. In view of the Dow being at an all-time high and the severity of the looming crisis of which we only see the tip of the iceberg, we expect the Dow to enter a possibly big correction. How far it will go, we will assess later on when we compare it to historic times when lookalike patterns happened. If history repeats, chances are that markets will move in the same direction. One positive thing to mention is that governments or dictatorships normally take full control of society as well as economy. In these environments stock indices tend to be controlled as well and a sort of war economy and budget explosions take over. At first governments inject a lot of money to keep economy afloat, but later on it is reduced equally. Sounds familiar, right?
Consequently indices tend to decline around 25% or so in comparable periods. However if complete chaos breaks loose, it is another story.

Above the pattern from 2018 to end of 2021, 2021 is covered but revealed in our outlook. This can be divided in 3 sections of smaller time patterns. But taken all together makes it (part of) bigger pattern. The 1st section is from half 2018 until March 2020. The 2nd section is until March 2012. The 3rd section is a smaller recovery or bottoming of economy, which forecasted a severe recession in 2020.

When studying the lookalike history, we found the answer how bad the war pattern could get. Will it be a worse  PATTERN or not? That would signal to prepare for the worst case, which not necessary fully unfolds. But for now we tell you about the War pattern.

Every WAR is a sort of invasion of the enemy with fraud, violence, propaganda and a new ideology causing mass psychosis and hysteria. All translating in what could become a bad period. We mention 1860 the American Civil War, and 1938 as best correlations to nowadays. Please note that war patterns coincided with depression but also recovery in markets before the end of the war. DeLorean indicators help to determine WHEN and IF markets start to rise long before the end of the war.

Implications and parallels of Large time pattern-1938-1860

These patterns are highly correlated. Therefore we can expect parallel events happen now as happened in the past, Just to mention some important events. In this period there appeared more correlated patterns in a period of 2 decades. All these crises unfolded globally and during all of them first a grab for power then restrictions on freedom, wars, starvation and depressed economies as well as centralized power, where the people suffered. Either starvation, depression or financial collapse are prevalent during hard times.

– civil war between northern and southern states of the US
– several southern states seceded from the US
– war and revolution which did not succeed in the end
– new technology and next stage of industrial revolution
– new infrastructure, beginning of railroads
– native indian population defeated (by immigrants)
– martial law invoked by Lincoln, media companies closed, opposition imprisoned.
– first fraud with mail in ballots of soldiers, financial reset
– In Europe Prussia invasion united German states after several wars
– slaves were freed beginning with declaration of independence
– Lincoln assassinated
– hyperinflation, financial reset
– global war, nazi invasion in Europe, Japan invasion in Asia, Russia invasion in Europe
– nazi regime new ideology, ubermensch and against jews (immigrants)
– mass psychosis of the people by Hitler and the emperor of Japan
– dictatorship, brown shirts new troops of Hitler maintaining order
– war industrialization, new technology
– step by step taking power until democracy was gone
– propaganda reinvented, fraud, new media
– freedom restrictions, curfew, lockdown, critics imprisoned or killed
– concentration camps, millions of victims
– nations around did not see the danger of change in power
– financial reset, Bretton woods, currency reset
1938 chart see outlook 2021, forecast for 2021 is hidden. See how colored line correlates with current period, known before it happened.

Review 2020

The above chart refers to the Dow from 2018 until 2021, prognosis for the following year is covered. The chart line in black is the actual development of the Dow prices until the end of 2020. The colored line is the price chart of the pattern we expect to match best, which is superimposed on the current price history. The black arrow is the point where we are now, compared to history. As you can see until now prices are compatible (look at directions of markets), with some shifts left or right. The decline begin 2020 is on time as is the recovery. Only the recovery in 2020 stretches.

In our Outlook for 2020, made in December 2019, we foresaw the top of the market and a decline in Dow Jones of minimally 20%-30%, violence and terror spreading, severe recession in economy starting, Brexit happening,  and a victory of Trump in the elections, as well as very chaotic period around these elections.

After the collapse and extreme volatility in markets in the 1st quarter of 2020, we expected the SPX to rise from around 2000 to 2900, but did not expect the SPX/Dow to reach new all-time highs. The reversals (red bars) later in 2020 did connect to special events (WTI oil at -$40) and other smaller reversals. Last part of 2020 there were not many reversals, but this will change in 2021. Please note that within a short period of many reversals the markets corrected swiftly and reversed sharply. All if it was based upon the first 2 sections or time patterns in the 2020 outlook.

When the virus hit beginning 2020, we dived into history to find correlations with the trigger pattern of terror (1st section of the Time pattern) in history. It revealed that some more patterns like 1918 (Spanish Flu) and 2001 (SARS) included epidemics. Also we recognized that during or after the trigger pattern alike 2018,  it often happened that presidents of the US were assassinated (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy, probably Harding) or attempts. This means it is still a danger now for a president.
The main result of this research of history, was that including the patterns after 2020 revealed a WAR time pattern. Later on we connected this to many major focal points in history.

All of DeLorean outlook  2020 came true, except, for now,  the re-election of Trump and a market correction that still can take place. We do have a constitutional crisis but not yet translated to markets, which is odd.
The elections nor it outcome are certain yet. Although it gets less obvious that Trump will win, there are still some “Trump” cards to play, if you like it or not. Wisely Trading and investing is not about preferences, subjectivity or dislikes, but about information.

Looking at DeLorean indicator, which is used for timing the markets, we now – 24th of December- see already the red zone end of year 2020, potentially a sharp correction. In addition our indicator is deep RED on January 6th 2021, when senate elections are finished as well as Congress has to convene about the presidential election.
Are you aware of the fact that 7 states, mostly Republican, have 2 slates of electors, one for Biden and one for Trump? When the indicator is red there is a crisis and the establishment normally doesn’t like it.
So we are giving away our indicator before it happens, January 6, 7 and 20th are Red and the red bars are Reversals. Let’s see what happens. And more to come in January and February. To see all just order DeLorean indicators.


At some point the market, so far protected by media who protect the potentially false Biden election outcome, will recognize that there is still huge uncertainty and a depression around the corner and therefore high risk – correction- in the markets.  In addition, we mention there might be a much bigger picture still hiding in the background, a TIME reset which is not great and not to be liked.