Time bomb

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Would you like to know the trend of NEXT YEAR in advance?
Of course you would!
You need to protect in case a BEAR market is around the corner. You need to know IF and WHEN a bull market will come again.

You can do so at a relatively very small price. Try it this time!
Not only markets but also society and economy as a whole will be affected.

Time is running and ticking. The long term Time patterns forecasted a deep recession and war like situation in 2019 as well as a decline of around 30%  before it happened. It aint over yet! The next leg down will be coming soon. Even worse, a TIME BOMB is developing. Our time patterns give a sneak preview of what is ment to happen with regard to the (market) trend and social environment, so prepare. Now we have entered A WAR time pattern as has happened several times in the past. Consequently society will experience the same parallel events again and dark times are ahead.

Seemingly governments are in control. Yes they are, but they make it worse in the end. Firstly because they have no clue what they are doing or how the economy or markets work. Secondly because all are (indirectly or not) bribed by their ideology or money and will thus not be able to make proportional judgements using Science and insight. Thirdly government are concerned with their self interest in the end and the power they want to keep, so they forget about the people they originally represented.
All institutions (like FED, ECB, IMF, World bank, WHO), all continents and countries are planning and plotting all the time to increase their influence. We have the Rothschild, Bilderberg, New world order, Soros, Climate activists etc. It could be true ideology, often idealized, but mostly it is about power and money. They all exert influence from time to time, but will never be in full control (of the world). You can name it conspiracy theory or not, but it is all part of the game where power changes hands. From Germany to UK, to USA, to China and so on. From Democrats to Republicans and back. Whatever the outcome of USA presidential election, both will make happen what is meant to be. Sometimes it brings peace and harmony, other times crisis. They all think they are in control, but they are not. There is no control whatsoever.

In view of the TIME PATTERNS the future is set. These TIME patterns apply globally, it is an ‘energy’ that goes around the world. Whatever conspirators plot, it does not make a difference but adds to the outcome that is more or less inevitable. The Longer term Time patterns repeat themselves over time showing highly correlated patterns and related events. Consequently Society, economy and markets will show parallel trends in line with previous times when lookalike time patterns occurred.
History repeats itself. As shown in our DeLorean 2020 outlook (published December 2019), recession, violence and epidemic/ infected behavior was imminent. Having studied ages of history, how it unfolds and what time patterns are presented during compatible historic events, has convinced me that humanity as a whole cannot escape their fate. Good times and bad times will come, but individuals can prepare and stay away from the madness of crowds. You could be the exception to the rule to learn from history.
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Time patterns: What the future has in store for us.

Researching historic time patterns, we found for 1st half of the year 2020 a high correlation with time patterns of the years 1930-1931, predicting a severe recession and crisis. Additionally we expected a market correction of at least 20 but more likely 30% in line with these years.

For a much longer term TIME pattern from 2018, including 2020 and beyond our TIME patterns software found the highest match with 2 historic time patterns. These 2 patterns are both WAR and CRISIS patterns, because of the social disruption that took place.

How do we know the future?
We have a database of historic time patterns back to around 1700. These are correlated with current time patterns to find a match. So, our software came up with several high correlations, see below. Parallel trends, social events and markets will repeat time and time again as more than 10 years of research shows. Social events have their own signature in the pattern waves.

History repeats itself

The first pattern is from 1917 to 192?. So what did generally happen during this period in the most powerful countries? The time patterns are applicable globally to the strongest nations and vested interests.
Main events:
– Many strong regimes completely lost power. Germany in Europe, the Tsar and elite in Russia. The USA took over from the UK as the strongest nation.
– Spanish flu 1918
– Revolution and anarchy was common as well as many (political) assassinations
– Civil war, terrorism, polarization and violence was a global tendency.
– Communism and Marxism was on the rise. Communists took over during the Russian revolution leading to The Soviet Union in 1922. In China Mao started Chinese communist party, but did not take power yet. In Germany Hitler was on the rise as in the Marxist Nazi party. Also in the USA communists tried to take power but did not succeed.
– all these new left wing parties that took power in name of the people ended up to become a dictatorship and fascist regime later on. Tens of millions of lives were wasted.
– censorship and propaganda as always during crisis times or change of power
– economy was in between a recession or depression or even ruined with regard to Germany.
– financial markets were in distress and stock indices suffered heavy losses.
– madness of crowds and of governments. Also order troops everywhere like the nazi Brownshirts.

Another longer term TIME pattern that has the highest correlation is the period from 1938 to 194?.
Main events were:
– Governments seize full power
– war globally with Germany/ Italy and Japan.
– freedom of the people were restricted. Curfew, lockdown, mandatory army or work enlisting, hiding for the enemy
– government takes over, war economy determined and funded by government as well as way of life of the people, taking away freedom. Mandatory participation in army or factory work.
– Violence, crisis everywhere and locking up people in camps and razzia’s
– government sacrifices the lives of their own people or of the enemy, leading to loss of tens of millions lives.
– financial markets in distress and stock exchanges minus 50% at least.
– economy in severe recession until war economy took over
– censorship and propaganda, opposition eliminated.
– madness of crowds, of governments and order troops
The main question : in what stage are we now looking at these patterns? When will the economy and markets reach their lows? When will better times arrive? Read on to learn more

What stage are we in this crisis pattern?
TIME patterns show is that we are in the 2nd stage of the long term pattern.
The pattern NOW at work is a hybrid of the 1918-192? and 1939-194? pattern. The first stage of the pattern NOW started in 2018, marking the top of the market, setting of a decline in beginning 2020. Corona epidemic and fear set in as well as a sharp correction of more than 30%. Next the economy turned down as fast as not seen many times before because of government commanding a lockdown. During this sub pattern often terrorism is rising and infections of any kind sprout, creating more fear, crisis or polarization in countries or between countries. For example in 2001 twin towers 9/11 and SARS happened during previous occurrence of these patterns as well as (political, literally or proverbial) assassinations. In 1918 we had the Spanish flu, and probably poisoning of president Wilson, in 1962 and further assassination of Kennedy and Cuba crisis. In 2018 there were several attempts threatening the president.
We already have witnessed many more parallels of terrorism, Antifa, polarization between black and white, looting, burning down cities and so on in the first half of 2020. Not to mention the fight between Democrats and Republicans, where Democrats will desperately use all means to win the US elections. We already are on the verge of a civil war. The lockdown because of a pandemic that is not a pandemic according to its normal definition, is ruining economy and freedom of people, meeting more and more resistance.
Europe is no better place to be. UK and EU are getting nowhere on a trade deal, mainly because the dictatorial EU is not respecting the autonomy of UK after Brexit and not inclined to make any compromise whatsoever. Don’t be surprised if the verbal war changes to a real war, for example over fishing territory. Governments are infected by the “madness of crowds”, locking down the country and taking away the constitutional freedom of people. In addition immigrants are flooding (invited by) the EU as their mercenaries, creating havoc in many countries, which begins to look alike the invasion of the Nazis in Europe long ago.
Order troops that need to protect the citizens, are acting violent against their own and protecting or not acting against immigrants, who are also protected by judges. Demonstrations the EU governments do not like, are stopped. They tried to do so recently in Berlin, but luckily, it the court in Germany ordered not to interfere with the right of demonstration. Contrarily, immigrants, climate and Black lives matter demonstrations are allowed. Just like in the USA, resistance is growing. More and more, governments act in line of EU planning, which is not agreed upon by the people of the EU. Additionally several governments are on the verge of accepting laws that puts parliament aside, which will be the beginning of a dictatorship using Corona as an excuse.

The chart above shows the pattern at work now until beginning 2021, but it continues far beyond. The topping, crash, reversals and recession have all been predicted before it happened. Retrace of around 60% from lows were indicated. Now we have a full retrace from where markets will decline to previous lows! Please note that the indicator under chart predicts social events and direction only when shorter term triggers and indicators confirm. DeLorean indicator SPX will show you these. DeLorean indicator becomes very negative the coming months. YOU NEED TO KNOW UNTIL WHEN THE PATTERNS OF 1918 AND 1938 ARE VALID in order to preview OUR FUTURE.

The red bars are time pattern clusters that point out larger reversals, even very important tops and bottoms, like in 2020.
In 2018 a pattern began – high plateau for around 1 year- that is a lookalike of 2002-2003, causing its first crisis beginning 2019 and decline in 2020

Future outlook

Comparing 2020 and beyond to historic patterns with highest match

– Markets will decline a lot, starting now, target SPX minimally 2000 to 1800.
– economy declined already 25% on average. This will rise to 50%
– Corona will be used to create dictatorship and new regime in EU.
– if reset/lockdown continued, economy is at risk, wipe out of financial system, already on life support, in Europe possible. In Europe a civil war between immigrants and natives on its way. Opposition of the people against EU
– expect capital flight to US$ and implosion of EUR as a result of which EU could crumble. Reset of financial system as a result.
– Trump will win if protected well
– risk of Biden being replaced
– whatever the US election outcome, neither side will accept losing the elections. The left side already did not accept the previous outcome in 2016. This time the result will be anarchy from activist organizations. People will start to defend themselves which could lead to civil war between black and white as well as democrats (left) and Republicans (conservatives)
– Reset of political order can be expected, either to the extreme left or restoring law and order.

Above you can see how much the Time patterns are alike 2018 and beyond, but 1938 has the best match with correlation of 81 %. 1918 is still comparable but more out of line with regard to markets. Markets and events are expected to follow mainly the 1938 scenario.

Next stages in the Time pattern for our future

The second stage, which we are entering now, marks a period where the government seizes control of society, taking away the freedom of citizens. Fear sets in and madness of crowds and governments is taking over. The above description shows already clearly the parallels between the other periods of crisis and what is happening now. These TIME patterns are a fascinating way of foreseeing the future and being able to prepare.

Unfortunately the worst is still to come before the good times arrive again. The third stage is (civil) war of some kind, suppression, complete lockdown and forcing measures upon citizens, like vaccination. This has already begun in EU , Hong Kong and Australia for example, China and Russia have not been a democracy for a long period of time. There will be a dogfight in the USA between Democrats and Republicans. Expect violent times to come. Easily this could lead to a civil war where one side tries to maintain law and order and the other side tries to disrupt the country. Same happens in Europe, more violence every day. What is happening worldwide is that  left extremists are trying to gain control which is a coordinated action in the EU and will be joined by Democrats and left wing extremists in the USA if possible, helped by the propaganda of Main street media. Abolishing the old fossils economy in favor of green energy, defunding the police and resetting the system, economically and politically, at all costs. The problem is what it will look like when the reset has been finished. If this is not the reason for a dark future then the financial problems are around the corner, less for the USA but especially for Europe.  Low interests rates have destroyed bond markets as well as pension funds. The system could completely collapse when confidence in the EURO has disappeared. Once the currency is not trusted anymore, this is the reason for hyperinflation again.
Over time we will notice the parallels and being negative but realistic, let us still hope for increased cooperation in countries internally as well as between countries. If order, law, democracy and freedom is maintained the future looks less bleak. The 4th stage will normally show resistance and freedom as a result, which will spur economic growth again.
Time patterns forecast also better times later on so society as we know it, will prevail in the end. A positive pattern for growth and confidence shows up in the future, not yet the strongest but it is a good beginning. If you like to know when our indicators, Long term as well as short term are turning up again, then you need to buy our DeLorean preview 2021. Additionally for exact timing you need our DeLorean indicator.

DeLorean indicator
This indicator shows day to day the trend of the markets. Not knowing the news, we do know the energy, positive or negative that will be at work during a certain day or period. If this energy is positive markets normally go up if negative down. Also a negative indicator will bring news that will shake the vested interests or give some negative surprise news. Using the indicator this way, we forecast, just like in 2016, that Trump will be winning the presidency or there will be some other shock event related to it. Biden replaced or Trump replaced as candidate for example.
Because the indicator will be mainly in the red for a longer period, we expect disorder and anarchy in line with our long term time patterns. Below you will find the indicator for the USA election period together with an explanation what it predicts.

This indicator we also use to predict the DeLorean OPEN with excellent performance as shown on the next page. Last year was more difficult but still really good results and relative low drawdown.

DeLorean indicator shows calculation of indicator for the period around USA presidential elections on November 3, 2020. Clearly the day after elections the reading is weak and gets very negative the 5th and 6th of November. The next 2 weeks it stays negative apart from a recovery 9-10 November.

Just like 2016, when we predicted a victory of Trump, we again see red indicator after elections. Red is negative, so a bummer for vested interests, Main street media and an outcome that will not be accepted nor cheered. Some say Biden could still win, however that is only theoretically. Like in 2016 the polls say he will win, well the polls are heavily biased and do not include the silent majority. Actually the reading of the outcome is so negative that anarchy is possible or a last minute event with regard to Biden or Trump.

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