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Would you like to know the trend of each trading day in advance?.
DeLorean indicator shows if the next day or month is positive, negative or neutral. Really fascinating to calculate the  energy for tomorrow using our physics model. We have been doing this since March 2017 with an uncanny result and only a handful of losing months.
No linear model will explain a complex world, so we need to connect the dots using mathematics.

Don’t be late, you will never catch up time lost. This year will probably remembered as a year of crosspoints in future history books.
The end of last year we have buried a time capsule, predicting global economy and markets longer term, which has been opened for our customers and will be dug up next year. What does it say?
To give a peek behind the curtain, there is a point in time where crisis is just around the corner. So, time to wake up or even better, don’t sleep. There is some bad news culminating and markets do not yet have discounted this.
Recession, crisis, rising interest rates, capital flight and probably Europe in trouble. We have already seen a pandemic developing as well as Brexit, that could lead to more hostility. Even more, other countries could follow the example set by the UK and no longer accept the tyranny of Brussels, dictated by France and Germany. France will have elections in March, which could be the beginning of the downfall of president Macron. Also the end of time for Merkel of Germany is near. Even more important, US presidential elections are coming.The question is not IF but WHEN trouble will happen. That is why we developed our time model. Nothing subjective, not assessing all sorts of opinions, but merely inspecting what our mathematical and physics model, called DeLorean,  has calculated for the future (and past).

Applications of DeLorean
Below we will list how we can put DeLorean for use and what it can do and what not.
DeLorean travels to the past and future to calculate the energy at some point in time. If it is positive, negative or neutral will have effect worldwide. When positive, mainstream mood and view will be positive as an average. Therefore it will create harmony, cooperation, economic growth and more practically (stock) markets will rise. There will be more buyers than sellers, every news is positive in a on average positive mindset. However, as usually happens it will not last, nor in big trends (or time patterns) nor in smaller trends. Trends do picture the cyclical nature of time patterns, which is an inherent part of nature. These patterns are cyclical, yes, but because of intricate complexity of the world around us, these patterns are not fixed, linear or simple variables.
It is complex and dynamic, therefore you have to think in fractals and connect the dots in the point cloud using mathematics only and a concept that is baffling simple (and very complex to build). This said we can use DeLorean to travel to a known future event and see how markets will respond. DeLorean forecasts a DIRECTION in markets, not the price level in the future.
It would be nice to know also the exact price beforehand of tomorrow, but do you still need to?

1) BACK to the Future: Prediction of elections (and other events). Mail for advice on any date…
Presidential election in the USA on November 3rd, is mainly RED in our indicator, markets will be very volatile, show sharp decline and in between recovery as well. Just like 2016, it is not good for vested interests and contrary to general media opinion. See previous article.
Another example happens in March 2020, French elections are on the 15th and 22nd of March. Surprisingly our indicator is GREEN the day after both the first and second round. Macron is very much under pressure from the “yellow vests”, the people of France who are really discontent and have been protesting for more then a year. It could well be that the more extreme party of Marine Le Pen gains in this election. But probably not enough to take power, which would be predicted by RED and bad news for the EU. (But not for the people.) Anyhow markets will rise according to the indicator, which is GREEN (above zero and rising).
Chart of the period of French elections in March

2) to see if the economy will grow or enter a recession. https://aquilaesignal.com/product/delorean-1-year-preview/
special offer $950 instead of $1500.
This is really an important analysis for investors to know what will happen in the next year or so in order to be prepared. For many years FED and ECB have (been able to?) avoided an recession. Will they succeed again and how long will it last? Also, what will happen in 2020 and if recession strikes, will it become a depression like the 30’s or will it recover the year thereafter? For the longer term, there are larger time patterns at work, that will give a clear picture of what to expect. Timing when a rise or decline will occur, is done with shorter term patterns. Like in 2008 -when financial meltdown hit the markets- these shorter term patterns in our DeLorean indicator were bloody RED. This way it can be used for asset allocation in professional portfolio’s to wake up and get out of the markets in time.

Will it look like this? Recession…Bear                     Or like this? Growth…Bull

3) predict shorter term trends using the DeLorean indicator for position trading.  https://aquilaesignal.com/product/delorean-monthly-3-months/ special price for 3 months
In general, every 1 to 3 days the indicator might shift from positive to negative or vice versa. Sometimes the indicator shows months of a prolonged rise or decline, which jusitfies to keep positions longer or to apply active asset allocation. So the 16/17th of March European (and US) markets will rise, as well as the 23rd. The indicator shows rather exact when acceleration starts.

4) Day to day trading https://aquilaesignal.com/product/delorean-open/
Using our DeLorean OPEN we will forecast every trading day for the whole future month in one go, all days before it happens. You could use yourself the indicator to start daytrading or following one of our trading systems.

5) Since the mood of the herd dictates all markets in general,
time patterns and indicator as a result can be applied to mainstream markets who are the culmination of mass perception. Therefore we use it for (stock) indices mainly, like SPX, DAX, HSI and now also currencies which is EURUSD.

Analysis of the US Dollar-EURUSD https://aquilaesignal.com/product/time-to-trade-usd-3-month/
Below we show a graph of the EURUSD en the DeLoreanEURUSD indicator that predicts the price of EUR (against $).The swings in the indicator (BLACK line tops&bottoms!)are depicted as RED for Shorts (swing from top to bottom) and green for Longs (swing from bottom to top). Instantly you can see how well RED in the chart coincides with a decline and GREEN with a rise. The BLACK line in the indicator is the summation of positive and negative energy and travels above and below zero. Besides the time of changing direction of the black line, also the time of traveling below or above zero is important. You see at least 3 trends in the indicator below, main trend-larger time frame and bigger trends Up or Down, the trend of the swing and the smaller trends in the Black line of indicator.

As you can see not only the larger down trend (and up trend before) is clear, but also the declines as well as retraces up in the down trend. By following the smaller down trends when the TIME has come and the price declines below a 15 minute EMA, you have your entry trade.

Naturally, like all our predictions, the indicator has been calculated for the future already. Below you see what the indicator predicts for the near future. A recovery of the EUR is imminent within days. (as of now = Feb 20)

So looking at the chart above you see in red sections that the EUR declines and and retraces up in green sections.
Ofcourse we expect to happen the same in the future. Therefore we expect the EUR to rise until the end of February, retrace and rise again until half of March (in line with French elections?).
Please check our website for ordering new release of EURUSD subscription at a special price. Only EUR 95,- per month.
Day trading systems SPX using futures  https://aquilaesignal.com/product/time-to-trade-trading-system-spx-3-months/
In previous articles we have shown how to use the indicator on Option trading in the SPX wtih an excellent performance. However for future day trading we need to trade shorter term and more precise short term swings of our indicator.

For the period  January till now the trading system, as we defined it, brought (trading 2 futures) a profit of $ 16.000,- versus 3% drawdown, using an amount of $ 100.000,-. We will make sure that low probability area’s in the indicator are neutral, which is a necessary upgrade for future trading. We have simply (because of high probability of green and red zones) defined entry on break of EMA 15 minutes, a hard stop of 0,25% and profit protection, where profit is protected when reaching 0,2% and incremental protection with higher percentage profit. If you order our future trading system, you will receive a chart with trading areas green and red for the next month with a list of exact TIME (according to your time zone) of changing trend. See our order page. ALL SPECIAL OFFER only for TRADERSWORLD

 Please EMAIL us if you have questions at info@aquilaesignal.com.

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