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Would you like to know the trend of each trading day in advance?
DeLorean indicator shows if the next day is positive, negative or unclear. Really fascinating to calculate the energy for tomorrow using our physics model. We have been doing this since March 2017 with an uncanny result and only a handful of losing months. (see overview)
Nothing is random, everything is connected and all is fractal, price patterns as well as time patterns. Surprisingly time patterns could be calculated exactly while price patterns- such as Elliott Wave- are no exact science before the fact. Time patterns/cycles is not a sort of statistical approach like projecting the price moves of the past into the future, calibrating it and fitting all sorts of static cycles. This approach will not work unless by coincedence. The future will be different from the past.
The first application of our invention was the most difficult one, to forecast the open of the indices for the days or month to come. This has to be very precise, since we take position the evening before and close at a predetermined time the next day. When the model predicts an uptrend (positive energy) at the opening, we enter the market at the close the day before taking a long position in futures or options. On prediction of a downtrend we enter a short position. Next day at the opening we close the position at a predetermined time, so there is no leeway that a wrong prediction could still somehow become profitable by sitting it out.
Later on we started using initial stops and trailing stops to optimize results, when the (positive or negative) energy became stronger during the day.
Let’s put this into practice and give you the predictions for SPX, which we sent to our customers by mail on 30th of September for all the month of October 2019.

Attached to this mail our users find predictions for every trading day. No prediction in the sheet means neutral or unclear.
The attachment can be seen on the next page where we now have filled out the results of the prediction, a whopping 148 points profit using one future ES.
The SPX traders are very content with good results of SPX DeLorean, particularly the last month. Now we are using a trailing stop of 8 when price change has already been explosive, otherwise of 10. Additionally there is an intial stop of 10 points.

Firstly we will explain the sheet. Most important is (look at the header of each column) the trend date and TREND, which is the date we are predicting and what to trade for. So the 1st of October the forecasted TREND was UP. Therefore we enter the day before at the close 21:59, see entry date. Consequently we BUY (ENTRY TRADE) the ES future (SPX) on 30th of September and SELL on the 1st of October at 15:00 to cash in or take a loss. When trend continues in forecasted direction we use a trailing stop, which can add considerable extra gain, but also results will be a bit different for each trader.
Clearly if the trend date of 28th of October is UP, traders will have to enter their trade on Friday the 25th at the close and take position overweekend. The 28th our model showed a very strong positive energy, which in fact should mean that during the weekend and on the 28th there will be most likely positive news that will make prices rise.
One more explanation on CANCEL you will notice. This is the only signal that has been changed the day before the trend day and communicated with our traders. Also the time in yellow is a deviation from the default times, so entry or exit times are more specific.
All in all the above approach has resulted in the following track record.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Back to the future
Brexit and election UK December 12th 2019
Finally we have a date for the expected election in the UK to break the deadlock in parliament. December 12th it will be decided how the political landscape will change.
Before the election at the 6th of December on friday markets are expected to decline when reversing from a positive indicator to a strong negative reading. The day after the election, the 13th looks like positive for the markets but most probably this will turn negative. There is a pattern that in its specific form at that time has a history of negative markets in spite of the fact that the indicator is positive the 13th. We have researched our long term database to see what statistically happened. If it is very negative, then the election outcome could even make a no deal brexit possible again, which would shake the markets, in spite of the fact that it could be beneficial to the UK in the long term, but not for Europe.

Presidential election USA on November 3rd 2020
Traveling to the future our model calculated the following picture.

Clearly this is a very negative outcome especially after the election. Unlikely that a victory of Trump will be regarded as positive news, so the deep red indicator shows his re-election in a very hectic sort of crisis situation.

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