Predicting trends before it happens.

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DeLorean Time Patterns & Cycles

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Get a glimpse of the future using DeLorean, which lists
up and down trends in the future.

We provide the information that you really want to know: when prices will go up or down. It’s like a time machine: get in our DeLorean and travel to the future and back and see what will happen according to our model

DeLorean Open results.

DeLorean Open signals all expected trends for the next month in advance, day by day as calculated by our model. Before it happens!

Since its inception in 2017 around 85% of the months the trend was correct. Drawdown only in 2 months of SPX (ES future), at a maximum of around 25 pts. Maximum result was around 100 points, while many months showed a profit of 50 points or higher.

Dow Hits
The best invention from 2020 . This is even more precise in predicting markets, expecially when general crisis events do not touch the markets

Our Time Patterns & Cycles model is built on an advanced physics algorithm that calculates the energy that coincides with trends in the financial markets. No interpretation, just calculation. Our maths are based on fractals: smaller time waves accumulate into larger ones. As a result, it provides trend information for day traders, position traders as well as longer term investors.


Based on our advanced and fully proprietary model, we give you day to day information on:

  • Trends of the markets: up or down
  • When the markets will change direction

We also provide longer term information:

  • When to expect longer term bull and bear markets (upon request)


Our model measures sentiment of the masses, which is best represented in indices and the like. For simplicity we specialize in forecasts of SPX

Other markets which are highly correlated and could be used as well.

  • DOW
  • DAX
  • STOXX50
  • AEX

DELOREAN Monthly – indicator

Receive trading information and signals from our propriety DeLorean indicator. This indicator goes up and down giving an indication on what trend to expect and when.

trader if and how to use this information.


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Want to know everything?

Buy our one year long preview of the expected trends for the coming year.

DeLorean 1 year preview will give you an early warning of important trends to come. Long only investors know when the risk of an important down trend is high or when an important stronger uptrend is expected to take place. Hedge funds have important Long short signals.



Tailor-made Elliott Wave Analysis, we can advise. However the TimeWaves trading is far superior, but Elliott Wave gives another angle and worth additionally. It all depends on the quality of the count.

Upon request we provide fully objective Elliott wave analysis using our Elliott Wave software, which originally was developed by our expert under the name ELWAVE. The software has been improved over the years. We only provide tailor-made analysis for for a selective group of customers. Interested? Get in touch with us.

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